Jeff Wellen Memorial Well

A Connecticut family reached out to WWT at the beginning of 2024. They had purchased their home in January of 2021 and were excited to be homeowners. In the fall of 2022, Lindsy was diagnosed with a rare fungal infection, which went undiagnosed for a period of time, and spent time in the hospital, which prevented her from working. They began to have water supply issues in 2022 and had 3 companies come out to determine that they needed a new pump, which was installed in February 2023, the water supply remained inconsistent and, in the fall of 2023, they became a family of 4. With little to no water for laundry, bathing a baby, and not having enough water for a teenager to shower, life became stressful and embarrassing. In December of 2023 the water all but disappeared and homeownership became overwhelming. They had someone come out in January 2024 and found out that their well had gone dry. Lindsy was feeling like there was no one out there that could help them with their water issues then put on her non-profit hat and found WWT and contacted us at the beginning of January 2024 to start the process to see if they were eligible for the loan program. There were some financial hurdles that needed to be taken care of the be eligible for the loan program, which they were able to accomplish within a couple of months of receiving their application.

WWT kept in contact with the family to find out about their need and if they had received the correct paperwork to move forward. In the meantime, the Jeff Wellen Memorial Well Fund was created after Jeff’s passing. Jeff was a very important member of the Water Systems Council and Water Well Trust family. His passion for making a positive impact led him to play a crucial role in providing clean water and he took pride in improving the everyday living conditions of others. For over 50 years, Jeff dedicated himself to a successful career at Amtrol Inc. The family was the recipient of the JWMW that was supported through Funds donated to WWT in Jeff’s name and with the support of Amtrol.

Lindsy stated that finding out that they would be receiving the well at no cost to them was beyond expectations and more than they could have dreamed.  She is grateful that there are people like Tara (program assistant at WWT), WWT, and Amtrol who want to help those without water. After meeting the Wellen family, Lindsy feels that they will always have a connection with the Wellen family. This is the most positive thing that has happened in the 5 years that they have lived there. She feels incredibly relieved to have water and cannot wait to take a nice hot, long shower.

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