About Us

The Water Well Trust (WWT) is a 501(c)3 organization created by the Water Systems Council to provide a clean water supply to American families living without access to a precious resource most of us take for granted.

The WWT and its partners provide funding for wells for low‐income families nationwide that need safe drinking water. There are many excellent organizations working to provide safe drinking water to people in need in developing countries. The Water Well Trust is the only national nonprofit organization helping Americans get access to a clean, safe water supply.

We serve Americans living primarily in rural, unincorporated areas or minority communities that may be isolated and difficult to reach. We assist low‐income families that cannot afford to pay for public water supplies, and those who live in areas where the extension of public water supplies to serve them doesn’t make economic sense…for them, for the public water supply owners, for federal, state or local funding sources.

Today in America, there are millions of people who are forced to haul water or to use contaminated water sources. Individual wells and small, shared wells are the best and most cost‐effective way to provide safe drinking water to these American homes.

Who Do We Serve?

Beneficiaries of the Water Well Trust are low-income families or individuals that have wells that are no longer functioning properly, have contamination issues that render the well unusable, or have no well or safe water source. Starting October 2021, the Water Well Trust also has funding for septic systems.

Why Now?

It’s time! It is hard to believe that there are people in 21st century America without access to safe drinking water. It also doesn’t make sense that the best solution – wells – is not available to low income households that are forced to haul water or use contaminated water. The Water Well Trust is the only organization dedicated to resolving this issue in the United States.

What You Can Do To Help

to the Water Well Trust via PAYPAL.


COMPLETE THIS FORM then send it with your check to the Water Well Trust.

Your contributions are tax deductible as charitable donations to the extent allowed by the IRS.

SHOP AmazonSmile. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Water Well Trust Incorporated whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. Visit Amazon.com to learn more and start shopping!

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